Wednesday, September 21, 2011



The seasons now are changing;
My life is changing too.
The scenery is different 
And clouded is my view.

I have walked a difficult path
And faced my own mortality.
Felt gentle hands, heard soothing voices ~
I have glimpsed eternity.

My steps are slower,
And busy are my days.
With appointments  
And folk to guide my ways.

I used to be a "night owl"
But now it's early to bed.
I sometimes just can hardly wait
To lay down my weary head.

My daughters have made me proud.
Friends have been kind and true.
But there are many other little things
That I would like to share with you.

The joys I find in simple things
Like the dew upon the grass,
The early morning misted sky
A drink from a beautiful glass.

A smile from a stranger in the park,
Music that stirs my soul,
Letters in my mail box
Messages that make me whole.

A little girl with straight blonde hair
Who is excited when we meet,
She rushes out to greet me
Nearly sweeps me off my feet.

Celebrations with my family 
Of special times and days,
Watching how they make their lives
Each with their differing ways.

Each day is a blessing it's true
And when nighttime comes for me
I sit and count my blessings 
And they are all so clear to see.

© Linda J. Vaughan
September 21 2011


Aletha said...

Oh how beautiful to read, it makes you stop and think we do have so much to be thnakful for

Linda J. said...

Thank you for leaving a comment for me Aletha and I am so glad that you enjoyed reading this.

Love and hugs,