Wednesday, September 28, 2011


With respect and apologies to the film Sleepless in Seattle.


Often when sleep eludes me
And the night is quiet and still,
I lie in peaceful solitude
And let my memory roam at will.

Sometimes I just lie there
And try to plan my day~
The things that I must do and
The bills that I must pay.

I think of all my family 
With their own special ways,
And how each one of them 
Has brought joy to all my days.

Friends are always carried here
In heart and special thought,
And I am so very grateful 
For the care and love they’ve brought.

In memory I return and tread once again
The hills of the place of my birth.
I see flowers and taste fruit,
And smell the rich damp earth.

I visit my childhood home
And times that are no more.
In memory I see the faces that I loved
And then I gently close the door.

I move on down the years and recall
People and memories at will.
Those I loved then
And those I love still.

In my mind I am a traveller
And often gone from here,
Visiting interstate and overseas friends
Those I hold so dear.

Problems and world situations
Sometimes interrupt my sleep,
And there have been nights for me
When all I could do was weep.

Often I get up and spend the time
With music that feeds my soul.
I cherish these special times for me~
They help me to be whole.

I know that I should be resting
And that I need my sleep – 
But these are special times for me and
Bring a solace that I can keep.

So when morning comes 
And night removes her black velvet gown,
I see the joy in a brand new day
And give thanks for the time on my own.

© Linda J. Vaughan
Wednesday December 19 2001 – another sleepless night.

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