Wednesday, September 28, 2011


I wrote this during my time working in Community Welfare at front line reception and on many days I was distressed by the cases I had to deal with - this poem came from those emotions.



Please don’t make a value judgement
When you look at me.
Remember that there are places
Where I would rather be,
Please don’t make a value judgement
When I ask for help from you,
Show me some compassion
Please help me see it through.

Please see with loving eyes,
Not just the colour of my skin,
Remember there is a real person
Living here within.
Be open to the changes
That have brought me here,
Hear the things I am not saying ~
Sense my very real fear.

If I am wrong then tell me gently,
With smile and kindly word,
So that when I leave I will recall
How much you really cared.
Please don’t judge my transport
Or the clothing that I wear.
The way I treat my children,
Or what has brought me here.

Until you walk in my shoes
And tread the path I do.
You cannot know how I feel
When I stand in front of you.
So please, no value judgements ~
Acceptance and a smile,
Will help me with my journey
As I travel every mile.

© Linda J. Vaughan
5th November 2006

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