Sunday, September 11, 2011


This is something I wrote in the days following September 11 2011 and it seems appropriate to share it today on the tenth anniversary of that dreadful day.

September 11th. 2001 

This day will go down in history for all to see
This is the day of change for you and for me.
A day for me when I suddenly became more aware
Of life and the responsibility we all bear.

A birthday for me – just four days before
How could I know that at Fifty-four
I would stand on the threshold of World War three
My birthday was the sweetest of days for me.

Four days later – it all had changed
So many lives lost and others  rearranged.
Nothing sweet here – but carnage and pain
I wondered if the sun would shine again.

I watched in horror as this tragedy was revealed
I knew then some hearts would never be healed.
I wept as I saw the damage that had been done
At the hands of another Mother’s son.!

I was shocked and sat in disbelief
Knowing no anger – just bitter grief.
For the lives lost here and the families shattered
And the changes to come and the things that mattered.

I saw the anguish on faces and felt the pain at the heart
Of America and the whole world of which we are part.
We stand beside them in their hour of need ~ 
What can we do – what can we indeed?

I watched in horror as I saw the agony of not knowing
Where or when next it would strike – this terrorism growing.
Picture being revealed -men dying as martyrs to their cause – 
Taking out families just like mine and yours.

I am one voice – little indeed – not much I can do
But it’s important to me – that I tell you
How much I care and how special you are
All of you – those near and those far.

My American friends – how important you are 
I weep with you and for you and watch from afar.
The struggle and agony of trying to find
Survivors and to find peace of mind.

Will we ever feel safe again in our beds,
Leaving this terrorism to Government heads.
I know that I question the wisdom of it all
Know that I believe that we must stand tall.

Take a stand  - find whom it is and challenge them all
Could it be seen as “Pride before a fall”?
Arrogance and gross inhumanity here
Their purpose and actions all too clear.

To bring America to her knees – make sure she is broken
These are the actions and words that are unspoken.
How wrong can they be – She is damaged and bowed
But will again rise tall – and will never be cowed.

My Mother heart reaches across the miles to other Mothers
Who have lost their husbands, daughters, brothers
Sons and the way I see it  ~ one life lost is one too many
Violation, pain and futility here – the worst of any.

There will be rebuilding and starting again
Always we will remember and feel the pain
We are changed forever – no turning back
We must seek the courage we lack.

And now that the days are passing and stories are being told
Of bravery – lucky escapes– I want so much to hold
Good thoughts and hopes and to dream dreams again,
I want us all to find peace – in spite of the pain.

Nothing can alter things – the die has been cast
But never this memory will be thing of the past.
Always we will see in our mind
Pictures of agony  - most terrible kind.

It has been wonderful to see compassion and love so tender
And these damaged hearts will always remember.
Children will grow and move on but be changed for ever
We cannot allow it to happen again – Never.

We must learn from this – make changes and alter
The way that we do things – we must never falter
In our pursuit of justice and freedom and we must try
Not to be bitter – to let ourselves cry.

Find some relief in sharing our pain with those who know
How it feels to be violated and then we will grow.
It will be a new beginning we will stand tall and strong 
Finding strength in being together – sharing a song.

A song, which stirs national pride and love of our lands
Reaching out to each other and the touching of hands.
We are close but there is distance– and yet we can feel
Friendship and love, which is so very real.

We must take the time to heal and to forgive
We must start again – really start to live.
And as long as we do we shall always remember
That dreadful day – the eleventh of September.

©Linda J. Vaughan
September 2001
Adelaide - Australia

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