Friday, October 21, 2011



Sometimes at the end of day
When shadows start to fall,
I will sit and reminisce
And try to remember it all.

I'll think of days now long gone
When babies filled my heart,
When days were full and busy
And we would never part.

Looking back I see them growing
With neither care nor call,
I was there to hold them,
To catch them if they'd fall.

I wander back to school days
With lunches, books and balls.
I meander through the homework hours
And the giggly long phone calls.

One by one I see them changing
As they enter another phase,
I remember boyfriends and romance
And broken hearted days.

University and the work force
And the worry when they took the wheel,
Home before midnight please
That was the very painful deal.

Now that they are older and settled
And I am much older too,
It seems like only yesterday
When I would tie their shoe.

I am proud of their achievements
And the people they have become,
And it fills my heart with pleasure 
To hear them say "How are your Mum.?

I cherish every moment
For the days too quickly fly,
Sometimes at end of day
I wipe the tears from my eye.

© Linda J. Vaughan
2st. October 2011

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