Friday, November 18, 2011



It restores my faith when I see them
With the look of love in their eyes.
It reminds me of warm days in springtime
And open clear blue skies.
When he calls her “precious”
And watches her with care
It touches my Mother heart
To know that he is there.

She respects this man she loves
And values the care that he showers,
He buys her treasured precious books
And bunches of simple flowers.
They walk together in autumn leaves
Buy books at special book sales.
They watch the storms together
And listen to the gales.

It’s almost tangible the love they share
I want to reach out and touch
They work together and read
And love each other very much.
It touches my heart to see them
To hear her call him “Sweetheart”
A love so very fresh and new
As it was at the very start.

© Linda J. Vaughan
December 2007

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