Saturday, November 19, 2011


This is written for a very special soul - with whom I have had wonderful conversations about our journey and the things that make us who we are.   


We've been to the edge and seen the fear
In the eyes of those we love
We have struggled when when the path was steep
And prayed to Heaven above.
We have lay long nights in fear's grip
As we waited in fear and pain.
Would a gift come through and would there be
Days in the sun again.

We have been to the edge and held on to hope
As our illness took control,
Would we be well enough to continue to strive
Would we again be whole?
We have walked the path, and though not alone
At times it seemed that way
The fear in their eyes grew
With every passing day.

We have been to the edge and felt out of control
As we faced the surgeon's knife.
Tears in our eyes and gratitude
As we accepted the gift of life.
The path was steep and the going tough
As we struggled to be well again,
Those clouded eyes were watching
As we waited in the sun and rain.

We have been the edge and lived to tell
How deep the feelings were
We have worked it through and are now aware
Of the depth of their great care.
We have been to the edge and looked around
Viewed both sea and sky
Our second chance has just begun
And we are ready to fly.

© Linda J. Vaughan
November 19th. 2011

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