Thursday, November 10, 2011



I thought it would be rather fun
If I could write a letter
To me when I was 19 years
And thought I knew much better.

What would I say to the girl in the mirror
About the way life should be
I would encourage her to dream her dreams
A let her mind run free.

I would say "Reach for the Stars"
And and let kindness be your guide
Be sure to say " I love you"
And to take things in your stride.

Don't let the small stuff get to you
Or let it ruffle your feathers,
Be open, strong and firm
Stand tall in any weather.

Play with your children
And splash in the rain,
Be sensitive and caring
And hear an other's pain.

Dance on the wind, be free,
Squish the sand between your toes
Stay warm, be safe and comfortable
When the wind of change blows.

Take care of your skin and smile a lot
Let laughter journey with you,
Be sure to listen to music
Reading is good for you.

Stand tall upon a hilltop
And take in all the view
Be generous and caring
And a good friend always true.

Reach out your hand to a stranger
Learn to love and trust
Hold back if you are uncertain
Honesty is a must.

So when you get to my age
And life is mostly gone
You will have such memories
Of your special days in the sun.

© Linda J. Vaughan
10th. November 2011

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