Monday, November 14, 2011



Feelings buried deeply
So none could see the pain,
I walked in quiet solitude
In days of sun and rain.

Few tears I shed in silence
Knowing there were more
I locked up my emotion
Behind my heart's door.

The music didn't play for me
Nor could I even dance,
Lucky to be alive
Given a second chance.

I tried so very hard to write
But rarely would it flow,
I thought it was all gone forever
Little did I know.

A sleeping beast inside me
A heart with much to learn,
I am writing once again
The tide's about to turn.

You came into my life
And woke the sleeping muse,
The timing and the distance
Nothing I could choose.

Thank you for the music,
The love and tender care
It touches me to realize
That so much of me's still there.

So when the moonbeams kiss the ocean
And the day comes to its end,
I thank you and I love you,
My very special friend.

© Linda J. Vaughan
13th. November 2011.

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