Saturday, December 31, 2011



Here we stand at the door of the year
And feel some apprehension
There are troubles and problems
And things causing us tension.

Our world is very troubled
Her people in much pain
With earthquakes and mud-slides
And deluging flooding rain.

Bush fires ravage our land
Taking homes and kin
We seem to be fighting a battle
That we somehow cannot win.

Yet there stands before us
A year unstained and clear
And what I wish for you
Is a year untouched by fear.

I wish you health and happiness
A calm and restful sleep
I wish you days of family
And memories to keep.

I wish you sunshine’s warmth
Some rest and friendship’s care
I wish you many happy hours ~
A comfortable soft chair.

A book to read – some chocolate,
Nice meals and homemade bread
Rain upon your window
As you snuggle down in bed.

I wish you food upon your table
And a welcome at your door
I wish you a calm and sweet release
And health so sweet and pure.

Happy New Year to you.

© Linda J. Vaughan
December 31

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