Tuesday, December 6, 2011



Why do we become so busy
That life just zooms on by?
We never seem to catch up
Not matter how hard we try,

The seasons roll on
And it is December again,
Endless days of sunshine
Warm and steamy rain.

With December comes Christmas
With it’s tinsel and shiny bright things,
The baubles, the glitter, the Manger
The pictures of Angel wings.

The cards to be written and posted
To friends both far and near.
The presents to be bought and wrapped
For those we hold so dear.

The laughter and excitement
On the faces of the young
The special Christmas magic
When carols have been sung.

The letters to be written
To Santa addressed “North Pole”
The good behaviour threats
Of stockings filled with coal.

The holly and the berries,
The pine wreath on the door ~
All these stir my memory
And remind me of before.

It happens the whole world over
The bustle and Christmas rush,
The special sense of wonder ~
That Christmas evening hush.

The star at the top
And the lights on the tree.
The smells of Christmas cooking ~
Children on my knee.

The shopping for special gifts
The wrapping and the bows,
The hiding of those gifts
So that no one really knows!

Waiting for the mail to arrive,
The catching up with friends
The magic and the wonder ~
I hope it never ends.

So however you spend Christmas
Just know that my wishes are sincere
I wish you joy and love and happiness
Enough to last the whole year.

© Linda J. Vaughan
November 22nd. 2003

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