Tuesday, December 6, 2011



I’ve finished now ~ each gift is wrapped
And sits beneath my tree.
I did some thinking as I worked
About what this means to me.

It’s like writing my Christmas cards
It brings many things to mind.
The pleasant times I’ve spent with folk
And how they have been kind.

As each card was written, each gift wrapped
My thoughts turned once more
To those who would receive them
As they have before.

I wished for health and happiness
And for peace of mind.
For joy and care and tenderness
And friends who will be kind.

Love and laughter and some work
Meals and celebrations
Peaceful sleep and sweet rest,
Care for other nations.

Warmth when the cold wind blows,
Shelter from the sun.
A walk by a flowing river
Quiet when day is done.

These are my gifts to those I love
Now that Christmas time is here
These are the things I wish
For those I hold most dear.

© Linda J. Vaughan
18th. December 2004

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