Friday, January 13, 2012



When you look at me, what do you see
Of the person who lives inside?
Do you see a heart that beats
With compassion it cannot hide?

What do you see of my journey
and the places that life's taken me?
Do you see the mountains I've climbed
Or days on a storm tossed sea?

Do you see that my pathway
Has often been steep and tough,
That I've need help to conquer
A bramble filled path that is rough?

Do you see that my heart has been heavy
And that tears have filled my eyes,
Do you see that I have often stood
And looked at cloud filled skies?

Or do you see the reflection
Of the girl who lives inside
Who has conquered so many things
And now stands with arms out wide.

Do you see that I claim the victory
Of the battles that I have won?
That I stand on the edge of a cliff top
With my face to the rising sun.

Can you hear the music that I hear
The music that makes me dance?
Can you see the potential journey for me
Of this life with a second chance?

Can you hear the echoes of a heart 
That loves and is loved indeed?
Can you feel the sweet contentment
At the meeting of every need.

Can you see the girl who believes
That her time has come to be?
Can you hear the whispers from her heart,
That she is who she was born to be?

I hope when you look at my reflection
That the real me shines through,
That I came, I saw and I conquered
And I lived a life that is true.

© Linda J. Vaughan
January 13th. 2012


Joe said...

This has become probably one of my favorite poems by you. I want to talk to you about it.

Terri said...

Just beautiful, Linda.
Love always
Terri xoxo

Joe said...

I'm happy that we had a chance to discuss this poem. I want an autographed signed copy of your book when you are published. Move over Lord Byron! Lady Vaughan is up for the challenge!

Linda J. said...

Bless you Joe - first copy of the press is yours. I promise - signed and who knows I may even get to give it to you personally with one of those big squishy hugs. xxxxxx