Friday, January 27, 2012



When I saw these socks on the line
I could almost feel the breeze ~
I remember my own clothesline
Holding such as these.

A little girl with sporting talent ~
A kind and generous little Miss.
Which is the very reason
My clothesline looked like this.

"My Mum will do the washing "
She's good at that you see."
And so the little darling
Brought the uniforms to me.

Eleven sports skirts on my line
Eleven t-shirts in burgundy and gold
Twenty two socks pegged out to dry
This was a sight to behold. !

This happened every Saturday
Throughout the sporting season
And I would get quite thoughtful
Wondering about rhyme and reason
Whose were the feet and what path would they tread,
What would their lives hold in store?
Would there be brambles and storms
Or a safe and welcoming shore?

I carried them all in my mother heart
And prayed for a fair game of life
I asked that they all be kept safe ~
Free from harm and from strife.

©    Linda. J. Vaughan
16th. April 2005

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