Thursday, January 26, 2012



Come take my hand and walk with me
Let's go back across the years,
Back to the days of innocence
When there was no time for fears.
Imagine if you will
For just a little while
The babbling of the brook
As it runs beside the stile.

See the emerald pasture
And the sheep upon the hill,
Hold the wildflowers that we gather,
See the golden daffodil.
Picture the thatched roof cottages
With roses round the door,
Hear children in the meadow 
As we have done before.

Watch them plodging in the burn
With hearts as free as air,
Come back with me to childhood days
When neither had a care.
Let's lie in summer meadows 
With a canopy of blue
Find pictures in the clouds with me
Just as children do.

Come with me and shelter 
Beneath an old gnarled tree,
Listen to the leaves that rustle
Know what it is to be free.
Blow the dandelions away 
And let's make daisy chains.
See the buttercups and bluebells
Let's put aside our pains.

Walk with me beside you
Down a green and shaded lane.
Let's splash there in the puddles
Left by recent rain.
View the purple headed mountain,
Through eyes still innocent and wide,
Hear the cattle gently lowing
Feel a sense of pride.

Come back with me to childhood
When we both knew how to play,
Let's play, laugh, enjoy and run
On an endless summer day.
Feel for a moment the joy
Of raindrops on your face,
Imagination is limitless
We can transcend time and space.

Come take my hand and walk with me.

© Linda J. Vaughan
26th. January 2012

Written after a "walk" through green and shaded lanes - we dwell in possibility.

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Jason said...

Oh so lovely writings Linda.. So glad to read your work and come across your site :) Blessings to you!!!