Saturday, February 25, 2012



Please don't visit me in my past
For I don't live there anymore.
I am moving forward
Life is different than before.
I dwell in possibility
With hope as companion and friend
There is joy in the journey for me
As I travel round every bend.

I find joy in the simplest of things
A bird on the wing and a flower small,
Daffodils in springtime
A rose beside the wall.
I will not live in shadowed halls
And I turn my face to the sun
Then the shadows are behind me
And half my battle is won.

The pathway may be rugged
And my steps may falter and fall
But there are friends who journey with me
And hear me when I call.
I have been a bird with a broken wing
And feel that now I'm healed
I rise and soar and fly free
My destiny is sealed.

I share my smiles as I travel on
The song in my heart can be heard
There is  such joy in my journey
And I thank you that you cared.
Cared enough to encourage me
And dared me to stand tall
You have been my safety net
To catch me when I fall.

The energy that I exude is positive
And attracts positive things to me
People say I'm looking well ~
There is joy in my journey you see.
So much for me to see and share
Days are different than before
Please don't visit me in my past
For I don't live there any more.

© Linda J. Vaughan
February 4th. 2012

This is dedicated to a special friend who has helped me learn to live in possibility and been the safety net lest I fall.   Thank you  ~ you know who you are. 

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Anonymous said...

beautiful.........well thought and said.......:)