Thursday, March 1, 2012



There is a stirring in my soul
To walk again the Welsh Hills,
To see the gentle snowdrops
And the glorious daffodils.

To spend time again in the Valleys
Where the miners no longer toil,
To stand and breathe the fresh air
Which mines can no longer spoil.

My car wears the “Dragon”
And my desk the Welsh Flag.
No more mountains of refuse
No more hills of mining slag.

“Land of my Fathers
Whose glories are told
By bard and by minstrel
Who loved thee of old”

I love her rugged coastline
Her gentle sheep clad hills,
And my heart rejoices
When I see her daffodils.

Maybe one day I shall grasp the courage
To travel back once more ~
To stand upon her coast line
To open memory’s door.

When I feel her winds caress me
And her songs lull me to sleep
I know that I shall be happy
And that I shall surely weep.

© Linda J. Vaughan (nee Thomas)
24th. March 2004

Posting this on St. David's Day as memory stirs.

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