Sunday, February 19, 2012



I sat today in a garden
That is filled with many trees
It was a hot and steamy morning
With barely a gentle breeze.
Many other people had gathered
To pause, give thanks and reflect
To celebrate the gift of life
With dignity and great respect.

Families had gathered there
To quietly set time aside
There was warmth and friendship
And emotions they could not hide.
A donor family member spoke and shared
Her story of pain and grief;
A grateful recipient shared his story
Of gladness and great relief.

A rose was planted there today
For all the world to view
A tribute to those who cared and gave
This rose is named  "Thank You."
It is a sincere tribute to donors everywhere
Whose gift gives a second chance
For those who receive to live and love
To play and run and dance.

This garden's in a busy part of town
With a flight path overhead
Buses, people, trams and cars
All noisy as they swiftly sped.
It touched my heart to be there
And in spite of this world's troubles
Little children were quietly playing
And chasing pretty bubbles.

I thought of my donor
The man who gave me life,
I thought today of his family
I gave thanks for his special wife.
I remember him each and every day
And I quietly wiped a tear
Without this wonderful gift of life
I most certainly would not be here.

It's the perfect spot for this garden ~
A garden so beautifully placed
Gift of Life Garden it's name
A cherished and special place.
The noise and the hustle and bustle
Of the city's daily strife
Go on around this garden
And we celebrate the gift of LIFE.

© Linda J. Vaughan
19th. February 2012

I am constantly moved by the position of this Garden - it is right in the middle of life and that's what Organ and Tissue donation is all about.

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