Sunday, February 19, 2012



They sit there in all sorts of weather
And the paint is often blistered,
The keepers of the secrets
Over time and ages whispered.
The same park bench used many times
By many generations
People from all around the world
From very many nations.

Oh if they could only talk
The stories they would recall
Of the days when little children
Would sit there after a fall.
Their mothers would sit and chatter
With babies asleep in their arms
Watching the children run and play
And keeping them from harm.

The children grew and life was changed
Then teenage sweethearts sat there
The Park Bench listened to the whispers
About the love and care.
Talk of the future was often spoken
And there were diamond rings,
A house, a car a family was planned
Among so many things.

Lovers now spend time there
On a quiet romantic tryst
Wondering who will see them
And if they will be missed.
The Park Bench holds the secrets
Of the man and woman there,
Leaves blow past and a cold wind blows
And chill is in the air.

A woman alone now shed her tears
The Park bench will softly sigh
The woman wonders why alone
The Park bench knows the reason why.
Park Benches have the best kept secrets
And can never ever tell
Over many generations
They have kept the stories well.

And older couple now sit there
With children at their side,
The Park bench recognizes them
And sees it as part of life's ride.
Seasons come and seasons go
Grandparents now spending time
The Park Bench keeps the secrets
Of the days of loss and pain.

A lonely figure slowly walks
And stops to breath again,
Faltering steps and a walking stick
Mean days of aches and pain.
She sits upon the Park Bench
Pours out her sorrow and grief
Life itself is very fragile
And the wind catches the leaf.

Park Benches have the best kept secrets
Of the love and the laughter and tears,
They have seen the generations
And listened to the outpouring of fears,
They have shared long lunches
Heard the hopes and plans and pain
In sunshine and in shadow
And in days of winter rain.

"Park Benches have the best kept secrets."

© Linda J. Vaughan
17th. February 2012

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