Thursday, February 16, 2012


How often in memory have you strayed
Back to the days of old?
When life was sweet and you cherished
The tales that your Grandpa told.

When you splashed at the beach
And in rock pools stayed,
With tiny crabs and starfish
And you played with a bucket and spade?

When you sat in the grass and made daisy chains
Which you hung round your neck and wrist?
And you felt the warmth of golden days
When with sunshine you were kissed.

When each year seemed to take forever
To get back to the Festive Season.
When days were long and you had not a care
Did not question the rhyme or the reason.

Do you remember walking in leaves
And rolling around on the grass?
Just lying back and watching the sky
How quickly those days did pass.

And now as a grown up – it’s hard to recall
How life was much simpler then.
When we women were still little girls
And the boys not yet grown to be men.

So cherish each memory – hold it in store
For I am sure it will be a great part
Of the times of your life you want to recall
The times that belong in your heart.

© Linda J. Vaughan
October 29 2001

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