Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Because life needs an anchor
This promise I'll make
To stand right beside you
Should your world start to shake.
I promise to be there
When strong billows roll,
To hold you so gently
When life takes it's toll.

Because life needs an anchor
That anchor I'll be
I'll hold tight to your hand
As you're tossed on the sea.
I promise to listen
And hear of your pain
As the anchor rope tightens
And then starts to strain.

Because life needs an anchor
When winds start to moan,
I promise you comfort
As we listen to it groan.
I promise you victory
As you hold on to my hand
Because life needs an anchor,
Buried deep in the sand.

Because life needs an anchor
Should your boat begin to drift
I promise you safe harbour
When the sands of life shift.
I will light the stars for you
In a black and velvet sky
I promise you a safe journey
As the days of life go by.

Because life needs an anchor
A chart and compass too
Together let's take the journey
And view the horizon new.
Hear the lapping of the water
As the tides of life rise and fall
View the soaring of the sea birds
And hear their plaintive call.

Because life needs an anchor
Let's journey on together
With the salt sea mist on our faces
In fair and squally weather.
Three things to hold on to
Are love, hope and trust
Because life needs an anchor
Onward, together we must.

Because life needs an anchor
And a harbour in which to rest
I will be the harbour you return to
When life has put you to the test.
I'll ease the fears that beset you
Set you straight and stand you tall,
I will be the anchor of your life,
When your back's against the wall.

Because life needs an anchor.

© Linda J. Vaughan
February 14th. 2012

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful Linda as all your poems and pieces are! No matter how my day is or the going gets rough I always come to your many web pages and read silently - no, often I don't leave a comment but please know I do read everyone of yours - it is always a cheery spot in my day full of ups and downs. I still maintain you must create a book and publish you have so many talents that are reflected in your writings!! Love and Blessings to you H xx