Thursday, February 2, 2012



It is important to all of us
To see just where we fit
Into the scheme of things
And manage every bit.
We all have a place
And a role to play,
We all have many things to do
On each and every day.

It seems that I am important
And special to the scheme of things.
It seems that I'm often needed
And good at finding things.
But why does this heart of mine
Feel pulled and sometimes torn apart
When I know that I am often wanted
And needed – have  been from the start.

It just seems to me that everyone
In this life of tussle and pain,
Wants a little piece of me
And that clear skies will not come again.
I have a role to play as Mother
And it is natural they have their need.
It is right that I have a role to play
In their lives and I am grateful indeed.

I am a friend who loves so deeply
And feels the pain and need.
I want to laugh and cry with you
To somehow meet your need.
 I want to let you know you are loved
And cherished and held so close.
I want you to know I am here for you
And I care for you more than most.

I am a workmate and a carer
With a special group of friends.
Whose lives enmesh with mine
On a road with twists and bends.
I am busy folding laundry
And again the telephone rings,
I balance it on my shoulder
And I remember the other things.

I recall the shopping list
Left behind on the table,
I remember rushing around the shop
Remembering things as I'm able.
Sports skirts and hockey socks,
"I need money for bus fares"
Stirring dinner matching socks in pairs.

Read to me! talk to me! ~
Please take me here!
These are the things said to me
It's a busy life that's clear.
Mum, could you please sew this?
And take me to get some books?
I watch them all so often
And see such special looks.

But just sometimes when I am tired
And have lots I want to get done,
It seems that everyone wants a piece of me
And I have a battle to get won.
It is special to be respected
And loved in many ways.
To have my advice sought out
Brings joy to many days.

These are the days I will miss I know,
When the house is quiet and still
When no-one wants a piece of me
I'll be sad, I know I will.
But in this busy busy life I lead
It seems everyone wants a piece of me
It’s important – that I take some time
And keep a piece just for me.

© Linda J.Vaughan
March 2002  *

* This was written almost ten years ago at about three in the morning after a very stressful few days where I was beginning to feel totally pulled in so many directions. *

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