Tuesday, January 31, 2012



I've watched you quietly as you have changed
From girl to woman to wife
I have watched as your body nurtured
A precious developing life.

I have watched as your body rounded,
I have heard your "aching back sighs".
I have sensed the excitement in your voice
And I have seen the love in your eyes.

You have talked of the names for your baby
And the nursery you have arranged.
I smile as I watch you blossom,
And I see that your life has changed.

You tell me of plans for the birthing ~
How you want it peaceful to be.
Your eyes are filled with wonder
As you share these things with me.

Your skin is clear and lovely
And there’s a special glow about you.
Each day is bringing such pleasure
And the joy you feel you show.

You are taking part in the making
Of a miracle of wonder and awe,
Each birth brings special wonder
As it has in days before.

I wish you calm and comfort
As you struggle to give birth,
You are sharing the greatest feelings
In this whole wide earth.

© Linda J. Vaughan

January 2007

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