Monday, March 12, 2012



On the edge of a cliff of fear
Beside a raging sea
The light from your heart shall guide me
And safe I will surely be.

The storms of life shall not bother me
Although my boat be storm tossed
Your caring light shall guide me
My vessel will not be lost.

Away from the rocks you will guide me
And when the storms are passed
You will guide me back to harbour
And I shall be safe at last.

I shall listen to the water lapping
And watch as the sea birds soar
Happy to be anchored safe again
At the edge of the golden shore.

You stand tall and proud
A constant reminder to me
That your light will shine again
Over my storm tossed sea.

Out of the mists that gather
And make it hard to steer,
The beacon of your light will shine,
And I shall feel you near.

My blessings are many for all to know
And safe I shall surely be
While your guiding light watches over me
And my often troubled sea.

© Linda J. Vaughan
January 6th. 2012

written with very great affection for one who is truly my guiding light.

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Margee said...

Hi Linda,
I love the poem that I read. Very beautiful. I love lighthouses. Though I've never been inside of one.
Margee xx