Thursday, March 15, 2012



The daffodils are blooming
And spring is in the air,
The sky above is bluer
And days are fine and fair
I think of you so often
And wish that I was there.
Know that my thoughts are with you
And that I send my care.

I wish that I could share your springtime
And the flowers as they bloom,
But I have a photograph
Which sits across my room.
In my imagination I see you walking
With pansies at your feet
A spring in your step and a smile
For those you happen to meet.

I feel the sense of wonder
When spring is all around
A sense of coming home
Where joy and peace is found.
My thoughts are with you as you walk
And take in all the scene
A very special season
When grass again is green.

May your heart be wonder filled
As you touch the dark brown earth,
The miracle of springtime,
A special time of rebirth.
May snowdrops ring their tiny bells 
And the daffodils be straight and strong,
May the spring time music play
And may you hear it's song.

© Linda J. Vaughan
15th. March 2012


Joe said...

Oh my....this is so lovely....Yes, spring has sprung in the NorthEast and energy of life is buzzing all around! In fact, there is a patch of garden at my Cape May shore house, that I have decided to make into a donor flower garden. Yes, you are my inspiration for this garden. I was so impressed by the Rose Planting Ceremony you attended - that I have decided to plant flowers that will come up in spring each year, purple ground cover and yellow daffodils. I think I will be working on this this weekend! Thank you for the energy and the inspiration you provide each and every day!

Linda J. said...

Wow ~ how very lovely for you to have a spring garden of remembrance and love ~ where life just blooms and goes on. It will be truly lovely and I shall look forward to pics of it.

Thank you ~ the fact that they will come up again after the cold and snows of winter is a wonderful image of ongoing life.

Love and hugs.