Thursday, March 1, 2012



I am white and very pretty
With wings and halo too,
Right now I'm on a journey
I have a job to do.
I have been packed in tissue
With ribbons and a card,
I am here to help you
Because your journey's hard.

I'm travelling in a truck right now
Through a dark and winter night
I am safe within my box
I know I'll be alright.
As I travel over the miles
As a gift of love from you,
I know the task before me
I know just what to do.

My purpose is to comfort one
You hold so very dear,
To rest beside her as she sleeps
To help to keep you near.
I hope to soothe the pain she feels
And take away her fears
To be the one in the midnight hour
With whom she shares her tears.

It is a big task for me you know
I'm such a little bear
But I will be equal to the task you set
And carry with me your care.
I'll bring a smile to the one you love
And chase away the gloom,
She will think of you so often
As she glances round the room.

I must rest inside my box now
And tidy up my hair,
Make my dress all smooth and nice
Ready to express your care.
This little bear in honoured
To undertake this task
And willing to do all I can
And everything you ask.

© Linda J. Vaughan
1st. March 2012

For "Love Your Liver Group" and Kristy and our Angel Bear.


BC Carter said...

Thank You Linda..., so good to know that our sweet little bear is on her journey to Kristy and will arrive to her soon..., this bear will deliver all our hugs, kisses and best wishes..., we love you Kristy and we're praying for you............

Teisha said...

Beautiful! Linda you all have touch my heart through this time with all of you. I am so glad Kristy shared Love your Liver with me. Praying for her and all of her family. Blessing to all of you. Precious