Thursday, March 1, 2012


They come into our hearts and homes
And with them bring great pleasure
These little tiny furry friends
Bring joy in fullest measure.

The serve us with devotion
Adoring eyes and wagging tails,
Their very presence brings to us
Companionship that never fails.

We care for them and love them
And they trust us to do the best
We exercise and feed them
And let them have their rest.

They are part of celebrations
And we take photographs
They feature in our families
And often bring us laughs.

They trust us so completely
And tears mist our eyes
When we realise that they are older
We pat and touch with sighs.

Too soon they leave and with them
Take a part of our lives and heart,
We knew that it was coming,
But it hurts so much to part.

Take the memories of happy times
Of puppy days and fun
Those funny little kitten memories
Watching them play in the sun.

Your friends are here for you
We understand and care
We feel your pain and offer love
And friendship everywhere.

The grief you feel is part of life
And we walk this path with you,
Please know that we are here
And that we care for you.

© Linda J. Vaughan
August 2007

Shared today for my friend Linda Gazzaway.

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