Thursday, March 22, 2012



The fragrance of your friendship
Adds a sweetness to my days,
Reminding me how blessed I am
To know your sweet and kindly ways.

You bring such joy to my heart,
To my days and my life,
Sharing my happy times
And shielding me from strife.

You have shared so much with me
Of the things that stir your soul,
I have tried to encourage you
And help you to feel whole.

Our friendship's grown and blossomed
Just like the wild spring flowers
The music that we often share
Brings joy to many hours.

I wish you a flower strewn pathway,
A gentle summer breeze,
The perfume of a summer rose
On special days like these.

A diamond studded sky be yours
As moonbeams dance below,
The touch of a gentle hand ~
Letters from someone you know. 

The pleasure of digging in damp soil,
Planting and weeding and tilling,
All the fruits of the harvest
And baskets you are filling.

Strong arms to hold and love you,
A special gentle smile,
The quiet hush of evening,
When you have walked a weary mile.
A welcome at your doorway
A table fully spread,
Summer evenings in the garden,
Contentment to fill your head.

A quiet chair at end of day,
A warm and comfortable bed
A soft and downy pillow
Where you can lay your head.

These are the gifts of friendship
And I tie them with ribbons of love,
I quietly ask that you are blessed
With gifts from heaven above.

© Linda J. Vaughan

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