Sunday, April 15, 2012



I long to sit beside you
On a bench in quiet shade
To listen to your voice
Tell about the life you've made.
I long to laugh and weep with you
About your journey's road
To listen as you relate
How heavy has been your load.

I long to feel you close to me
And to sense your joy for life
To share your determination
To put an end to strife.
I ache to see your smiling eyes
Of deep and tender blue
I long to tell you face to face
How much that I love you.

I have an aching in my heart
To tell you face to face
How glad I am that you're alive
That you received the gift of grace.
I long to feel the gentle breeze
That wafts from up above
I long to offer up my thanks
For life, for friends and love.

In imagination I wander
Through conversations deep
I hear the laughter and the fun
And I see us weep.
I hear us talk of life and love
Of pain and getting through,
I hear the hope that lives in us
And the things we want to do.

I see us sit in possibility
With much to share and learn
I feel the hope that lives with us
For the lovely life we yearn.
Until the day we can sit and share
Letters will have to do
They keep us close in heart and thought
And hold the words "I love you."

© Linda J. Vaughan
15th. April 2012

1 comment:

Joseph said...

One day, yes, we will sit beside each other under a tall oak tree, away from the sun and the complexities that bring us stress. We will talk about times gone by and times yet to come. About possibilities and colors, kites and gardens. Life and Love. Such a wonderous thought. Just a beautiful poem of undying care.