Monday, April 16, 2012



If I close my eyes I can see you
As you dash through busy days
I can sense the excitement
Of your cheerful winning ways.
I see you dressed for the Office
Off with a job to do
I picture you at your desk,
Papers, pins and coffee too.

I hear your laughter ringing out
As you chat and enjoy the day
You take time with colleagues
And then get on your way.
I hear your keyboard clicking
And the phone that rings for you
I sense your very "busyness"
In everything you do.

Replies to emails must be done
With precision and with care
I see you walking out at lunch
I sense you everywhere.
Meetings to attend and listen to
Fatigue to be driven away,
Such is the Office routine for you
On each and every day.

Long hours are soon over 
And it is homeward that you wend
To comfortable clothes and dinner
And hopes of the next weekend.
Some time to relax and unwind
Often with paper and pen,
After sleep and morning comes
You get to do it all over again.

© Linda J. Vaughan
15th. April 2012

1 comment:

Joseph said...

I've read this poem several times. Very nice. However, why doesn't it seem this way when I am at the office? hehe. If I could think in these terms, I would be better for it...hehheh