Monday, April 16, 2012



I sat outside this afternoon
Oblivious of the hands of time
I watched a butterfly 
Such special joy was mine.

Her wings were soft and gentle
Her heart in tune with life,
She flitted here and flitted there
Unaware of human strife.

She had know the struggle
To come from chrysalis
Cocooned away for many days
And now such joy as this.

She too was unaware of time
We both felt the sun's soft kiss
A wonderful hour spent 
In freedom I would not miss.

I thought of my chrysalis days
When the clock for me didn't chime
I felt the wonder of health restored
And the joys that now are mine.

Like the butterfly I happily move
From beautiful flower to flower
So many precious things are mine
And I count not the day nor hour.

I live in possibility and hope
The warmth of the sun at my back
I am loved and cherished 
And nothing do I lack.

The world is my garden and I cherish
The hours that I spend in thought
I cherish the love that now is mine
And the special joys it has brought.

© Linda J. Vaughan
16th. April 2012

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