Monday, April 16, 2012



The gate is always open
Come through it with me
Let's find a special place
Where we can really be free.
Let's put aside our troubles
And the fear of beginning to trust
Take my hand and come with me
On a journey which is a must.

Through that gate of friendship
We will find such very special things
The joy of love and laughter
And a heart that really sings.
We will find warmth and comfort
And arms that hold us near
Shelter from the storms of life
And we will hold no fear.

This is a special garden
And acceptance will be found,
Abundant tears we will shed
From hearts strong and sound.
Tender smiles from eyes of blue
A dimple on a cheek
A tendril of hair gently brushed aside
Such kindness we will seek.

We'll watch the mists of evening gather
And be wrapped in their care
We will see the birds settle ~
Silence everywhere.
The gentle brook will babble
As it goes on it's merry way
A special place to visit
A place we'll want to stay.

The garden is our very own
And tended with love and care
Flowers of friendship blossoming ~
Fragrance everywhere.
We will watch the seasons come and go
Take courage and strength from it all
A special place of joy and hope
Behind the garden wall.

© Linda J. Vaughan
16th. April 2012

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