Wednesday, March 7, 2012



Today is picture perfect
The sky is a gentle blue
Just the special type of day
To spend some hours with you.
Let's sit beside the river
And watch the ripples as they flow
Onward and forward they travel
To where we cannot know.

Let's find some shade from the sun
And feel the gentle breeze,
Treasured memories are gathered
On Autumn days like these.
Let's whisper deepest secret thoughts
Discussion without fears,
Let's laugh and talk and ponder
Let's wipe away the tears.

Autumn leaves we can gather
And release them on the flow
Just like our innermost thoughts
Who knows where they will go.
Will they bounce up the crest
Or be taken down below
Will our shared thoughts be deep ~
Only we can ever know.

Let's drag sticks through the water
And find some leafy glade,
A special time of friendship
We'll be glad that we have stayed.
We will remember the sunshine
The shade and the trees,
We will remember today
And the making of memories.

So when the shadows lengthen
And there is a coolness in the air,
The pain of ending this rendezvous
Will be much too much to bear.
But as days go hastening on
And the seasons change once more,
We can always revisit this day
By stepping through memory's door.

©  Linda J. Vaughan
March 7th. 2012

Written with love for someone very special.

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