Saturday, April 28, 2012



I wonder if I shall ever meet you
Although your presence I really felt,
You are a tiny miracle
At least, that's what I felt.
In just a few days your time will come
And you will struggle to be born
I wonder if it will be daytime
Or will you come in the early morn.

Your Mother looked so beautiful
And her face was serene and calm
Anticipating your arrival 
And keeping you from harm.
She told me of your siblings
And the excitement that they feel
That soon you will be with them
And the dream will become real.

I watched as your tiny elbows 
Wriggled around inside,
Stirring up emotions
That I could never hide.
I wish you safe passage little one
On this journey you must make
May the tides of life carry you gently
And storms hold you safe in their wake.

© Linda J. Vaughan
April 28th. 2012.

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