Thursday, April 26, 2012



Normal day let me be aware
Of the treasure you are to me.
Days without pressure, days at home,
Days when the sunshine I see.
Let me be aware of the freedom from pain
Now that hospital days are gone
Normal day let me be aware 
Of the very great battle I've won.

I am thankful for all the joys
That each new day can bring
I have a spring in my step 
And sweet is the song that I sing.
Normal day let wake unto you
With cheerfulness as my guide
Let me never forget your beauty
As I welcome you with pride.

Normal day let me hear again
The laughter that rings in this home
Let me treasure my family and friends,
Wherever they may roam.
Normal day let me stand in your rain
And splash in the puddles you send,
Let me step out in faith on my journey
Not knowing what is around the bend.

Normal day let me work in my kitchen
With thanks for my daily bread
Let me never complain about shopping
Allow me to rejoice instead
That I can go out in my car and drive
And do the things that were missed
Let me hang out my laundry with pride
Let me feel myself sun kissed.

Normal day let me celebrate
The friendships that bring me peace
The love and the care and joy 
Of night times sweet release.
Normal day let me sleep in my own bed
With all the comforts of home,
Let me cherish so much of love and life
And friends who live over the foam.

Normal day let me sit at my beading
Or write letters to get in the mail
Let me enjoy the wonder of life
And friendships that will never fail.
Let me walk through damp grass
And feel the wind in my hair,
Let we wander at the seaside
And feel friendship's care.

Days that are full of struggles
Please allow me to cope with those,
Let me walk through my garden
And pick the last of the summer's rose.
Let me listen to music long into the night
And to cry as it touches my soul
Normal day - you are cherished
You allow me to be whole.

© Linda J. Vaughan
26th.April 2012

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