Tuesday, April 24, 2012



A letter tells me of your dreams
Of long summer days ahead ~ 
"It's going to be a wonderful summer,'
At least that's what the letter said.
An oak tree for shelter and shade
From the damaging heat of the sun,
"My special place" you call it ~ 
Reward for a battle won.

I see you now in mottled shadow
In the warmth of summer days,
Your glasses and your book on the table
Taking time to read and to laze.
In my mind I picture your rattan chair
With comfortable pillows galore ~ 
Iced tea right there beside you
You could not ask for more.

I sense in you a comfort and ease
A longing for days of peace,
Sunset walks beside the ocean
And joys that never cease.
I see your summer hat on the table
And the dog asleep at your side,
I feel the gentle summer breeze
And I hear the ocean tide.

Oh to walk beside you at the end of day
To share just how you feel,
To sit and read together
To share conversation real.
I see you now in summer days,
Sitting in your special place,
I see the easing of the tension
And the lines gone from your face.

If I close my eyes up really tight
And allow my thoughts to roam,
I can see me sitting beside you
In this place that you call "home".
If I had the wings of an angel
I would be right there at your side
We would spend a special summer 
Sharing joy we could not hide.

I don't have the wings of an angel
So in thought I travel to you
And spend time in your specal place
Just like good friends should do.
Often in my mind I'll visit you
And spend hours reading too,
We'll share a sweet companionship
And friendship ever true.

© Linda J. Vaughan
April 24th. 2012

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