Monday, April 23, 2012



My life has been a journey
Enveloped in the mists of time
The beauty of a peaceful lake
Has often been mine.
I have seen the mists of morning
Wafting gently through the glen
Reminding me that seasons change
And the time comes round again.

I have stood in wonder
As the damp mist touched my hair
I have relished the misty quiet
And felt your presence there.
I have felt the mist around me
As your arms have been before,
I have special memories 
That will last forever more.

I have seen the mists arising
As the sun came breaking through
I have stood in silence 
And often thought of you.
The day moved on to sunshine
The damp ground soon was dry
I sought you in the afternoon
I hope you heard my cry.

Evening came and the dew was falling
And the mists of evening came
Hovered over a silent lake
And I heard you call my name.
Was it my imagination
Or where you really there?
Would we view the mist together
Would I feel your care?

Would the haunting mist enthrall us
And carry our thoughts away
Would we find peace and calm
At the end of a difficult day?
Would I feel your arms around me
Would my hair be gently kissed?
Wherever you are my Darling
Walk safely through the mist.

© Linda J. Vaughan
April 23rd. 2012

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Joseph said...

Very Nice! The thought of this is haunting, but exciting at the same time. Very nice.