Sunday, April 22, 2012



I can hear the whispers
Across the space and time
I can hear the water rippling
And the Ancient Mariner's Rhyme
I can hear the seabirds calling
As they rise and again they swoop,
On the distant horizon 
I see an ancient sailing sloop.

I can hear the wind that whistles
As it comes around the Bay
I hear the waves as they crash
I see the salt sea spray.
I hear the roar of an angry sea
And feel the mist at end of day
I see the multitude of shells
On the edge of a sandy bay.

As I press the shell close to my ear
I hear the same things that you do.
In time I am transported to sailing days
And a horizon of deep deep blue.
I see the gnarled old fishermen
And the wives who bid them farewell,
I see their wooden sailing boats
Rise and fall on the ocean swell.

As we stroll the sandy stretches
With water around our feet,
A smile and a cheery wave 
For the others that we meet.
Ours is the shell and ours the dreams
And ours the ocean voice
As we listen very carefully
With hearts that can't help rejoice.

We talk about the things we dream
That are there on the ocean floor
The treasures lost to other men
And days as they were before.
The Mermaids and King Neptune
And the Sirens who issued the call,
The story of  Sailors who went away
And were gone for the longest haul.

As the shell is pressed up to my ear
I can hear the widows wail,
No more will they come to the shoreline
To watch their men folk sail.
Their nets will be empty and idle
Their boats will not sail on the tide
A small town on the Cape 
Sharing grief it cannot hide.

The shell is passed to you my love
And you tell me the scene is changed
It is summer now and people play
Their lives are rearranged.
They tack their way through the quiet bay
And the  sun glistens on the water
White sails and a strong sea breeze
That carries the sound of laughter.

We sit for a while near the water's edge
And are quiet for a little while,
You ask me the question you have asked before,
And I answer with a smile.
"Can you hear our ocean whisper?"
"Yes my Darling I surely can"
We hear the secrets of the ocean
Just a woman and a man.

As evening falls and the mist rolls in
And wraps itself around us
We know that it's time to leave the shore
And we do so without a fuss.
I will take the shell that told the story
And dust off all the sand.
I will entrust it to your care
And place it gently in your hand.

Dreamers we are and romantics too
But time and distance keep us apart
Still the dreams we dream are very real
And live within out heart.
A silver shell on a silver chain
And worn with very great pride,
Tells the story of the dream
And the love we cannot hide.

© Linda J. Vaughan
March 26th. 2012

"Can you hear our Ocean Whispers ?"

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