Tuesday, April 17, 2012



I spent the day travelling to friends
A journey in sunshine and rain.
Travelled along gum lines roads ~
Saw sheep on endless plains.

I passed by many a shaded vineyard
And saw the roses sweet ~
The cultivated and manicured lawns,
The sweeping drives where people meet.

There seems to be a care of gardens
By those who tend the vines.
A pride that goes with all involved
In the making of these wines.

I know that it’s “companion planting”
To have the roses growing thus
But it also adds a beauty 
And brings great pleasure to us.

Names of vineyards are clear to be seen
All along the roadside.
I found it lovely to be there
To really feel the pride.

This is Australia and I always take pride
Where majestic eucalypts abound
And under their shadows and shade ~
Vineyards and roses are found.

©  Linda J. Vaughan
January 2002

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