Sunday, May 13, 2012



I loved the times when you were small
And you depended on me,
For all the things that life could bring.
And you sat upon my knee.
And yet I love these adult days
When before me I can see,
A beautiful young woman
Passionate and sweet,
Who brings me love and laughter
And flowers at my feet.

I love to sit and chat a while
And see your lovely face,
The changes from the child I knew ~
The beautiful adult in her place.
I see your confidence and strength
And I watch you with great pride,
Your sensitivity and tenderness
Brings joy which I can't hide.

I sense in you contentment,
Love and sweet release,
It is all that I could have hoped for,
A quiet solitude and peace.
Your Dad and I adore you,
And cherish the times we spend,
I wish you love and laughter
And joys that never end.

 © Linda J. Vaughan

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