Sunday, May 13, 2012



She rises very early
And dresses up so smart
The essence of her being
An empathetic heart.

She marches for her causes
And waves her banner high
For freedom and for justice
Her passion will never die.

It’s been this way for her 
Since she was a little girl
Children treated badly
Always had her in a whirl.

She loves the world she lives in
It’s oppressed and stifled folk,
The beasts and little children
Their pain to her no joke.

Discrimination she cannot abide
In any shape or form
She stands in lines of protest
At risk of her own harm.

She wears the ribbons of causes,
The bracelets and the bows,
Tee-shirts with campaign slogans
She’s had a lot of those.

She signs petitions for Parliament
And acknowledges the land
Belongs to it’s Native People
To whom she offers a helping hand.

The quintessential campaigner
Who shudders at the thought of war,
Do I know her very well,  Yes I do
She is the child I bore.

© Linda J. Vaughan

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