Wednesday, July 4, 2012



In future years when you look back
How will you remember me,
What sort of memories will you hold
And what will be the things you see?

Will you see a crooked smile
And eyes that fill with tears,
Will you remember the love I showed
And will you recall my fears?

Will you hear my laughter 
And the silly things I said,
Will you remember my stubborn streak
And the thoughts within my head?

Will you remember my joy 
At daffodils in spring,
Will you remember the music
And the songs that I would sing?

Will you remember the fragrance
That always filled my days,
Will you remember me chewing my lip
And my other nervous ways?

Will you recall my outrage
When injustice seemed to prevail,
Will you remember the protest marches
And my friends who went to jail?

Will the letters I wrote in protest
Be forgotten or brought to mind
Will you remember my books
And the things I could never find?

Will you recall my courage
When my health began to fail,
Will you recall my victory 
And the days when I was frail?

Will you remember my phone calls
And that I kept in touch ?
I hope that you remember
That I loved you very much.

Will you remember that I loved the sea
And the salt sea mist on my face,
And that I could picture in spider webs
A beautiful piece of lace?

A majestic horse and a tall old tree
Could move me close to tears,
Will you recall these things of me
When you look back in future years?

The handbags I loved and jewellery too
The bracelets and the rings,
The walking in rain, splashing in puddles
The joy in the little things.

The sunrise and morning
And the things that made me think,
I am sure you will remember me 
When you see anything pink.

My thirst for knowledge and love of words,
How I analysed the news,
Listening very carefully
To many differing views.

Will you remember how much I loved
Alliteration and words that rhyme,
And how my thoughts would often
Transcend space and time. 

Will you remember the bling I loved 
The sparkles and glitter as well
And how that Christmas time was special
The trees, the lights and a tinkling bell? 

Will you remember the cherries at Christmas
The cheese, the chocolate and such,
Will you remember me reaching out 
With a gentle tender touch. 

Will you remember the music I loved
And how it would soothe my soul
The poetry and conversation
And the things that made me whole?

I wonder if you will recall my telling
Of walks beside the river,
The floating leaves, the rushing water,
And the reeds that bend and quiver.

When you look back in future years
And you're pensive and think of me
I hope you recall the nicest things
And sweet your memories will be.

© Linda J. Vaughan
July 4th. 2012

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