Friday, July 6, 2012



Thoughts are winging
Over time and space
From my hear to yours
In a very different place.

I feel your sadness and sorrow
I feel your aching pain
I reach out to comfort you 
As you struggle through the rain.

I know that you are hurting
And disappointment visits you 
Be proud of your behaviour
And everything you do.

I sense in you the agony 
Of watching a loved one in pain
These dark days will pass for you
And the sun will shine again.

Your heart is hurting
Although your conscience clear
The Karma will come round again
Of that you need not fear.

You did your best, gave of your time
And your tender loving care
While others stood back and watched
She knew that you were there.

She felt your kind and gentle hand
Your loving tender touch,
You were there for her ~
She loved you very much.

So as you say your last farewell
Let this be the banner you wave,
Goodnight and calm seas be yours
You were very very brave.

© Linda J. Vaughan
6th. July 2012

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