Monday, July 9, 2012



May love and laughter live with you
Throughout the length of days,
May the sun shine bright for you
And health be yours always.

I wish you strength and courage
When life puts you to the test,
May you always be able to say
That you have done your best.

May you be gentle with each other
As you get on with the living,
May there be peace and understanding
And may you always be forgiving.

May the love that shines in your eyes today
Live on in your hearts forever,
And may the tenderness you feel
Enable you life's storms to weather.

I wish you many happy years
And a table fully spread,
I wish you quiet contentment
And a pillow for your head.

May the days be long and love filled
And the hours filled with gladness,
May you share the ups and downs of life
And chase away the sadness.

May you honour and respect each other
In everything you do 
May your lives be be blessed with sunshine
And your love be strong and true. 

Take care of one another
And always take some time aside,
Remember to say "I love you"
And speak of each other with pride.

Congratulations are in order
These wishes are sincere,
May life be very good for you
And may you know no fear.

Congratulations David and Janelle
on your engagement July 8th. 2012

© Linda J.Vaughan
9th. July 2012


Ros said...

Linda this is just awesome.
May I please use this for my son and his Fiance I always struggle with the right words and you have just said exactly what I feel. Hugs Ros xoxo

Joseph said...

Thank you Linda. I am sure David and Janelle will cherish this.