Monday, July 9, 2012



You tell me that you love me 
And that you'll faithful be
Shelter me with your love
Place your arms around me.
Let me feel the love you promise
As your hands reach out to touch
Let me hear you tell me 
That you love me very much.

Let me see your tender smile
Hold my hand while out walking
Even though you may not agree
Please listen when I'm talking.
Try to understand me 
Let's laugh, dance and cry
Please accept me as I am 
And that I always try.

Stand beneath the moon with me
And stroll upon the shore,
Tell me this is how it will be
From now until forevermore.
Gather stars for me to wear
As a garland in my hair,
Wipe away my tears gently
To show that you still care.

Let's sit in gentle candlelight
And let the shadows glow,
Let me see the love in your eyes
So that I'll always know.
Raise a glass or two with me
Let's taste the sweet sweet wine,
Spend gentle peaceful hours with me
In love that's so sublime.

Kiss me in the daylight 
For all the world to see
That out of all this wide world
You have chosen me.
Let this be the dream come true
And let our days be sweet,
With such love and tenderness
Our lives will be complete.

© Linda J. Vaughan
July 2012

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Anonymous said...

Wow, very nice, thanks for sharing! Melinda