Monday, July 9, 2012



My children when I look at you 
And see how much you've grown,
It takes me back in memory 
To the best days I have known.
You were wanted and planned for
And I struggled to give you birth,
No greater joy has ever been mine
The sweetest days on earth.

I held your tiny hands in mine
And looked into your eyes,
Very protective I became
I should give me no surprise,
Each stage you went through
Was learning for me too
I tried so very hard 
To do the best for you.

I painted and cooked with you
And let you walk in the rain,
We often splashed in puddles
These days would not come again.
We sang sweet songs and nursery rhymes
We read books by the score,
I see you now tucked up in bed
If I peep through memory's door.

I hear the funny things you said
And see the funny things you'd do,
I remember oh so much of childhood days
With sport, lessons and the music too.
I watched with pride as you graduated
Cap and gown ~ my pride worn on my sleeve
I knew that they were coming
The days when you would leave.

And now you are established
Settled down and happy too
You work very hard in life
And I'm so proud of you.
It is another hand you reach for
And love shines in your eyes
May love and laughter live for you 
Under clear blue skies.

I watch you now as you sit down to eat
A glass of wine in your hand,
I hear your deep discussions on life
And the things that you have planned.
You have brought such joy to me
And I take joy like no other
That life was very kind to me
And I am your loving Mother. 

© Linda J. Vaughan
9th. July 2012

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