Thursday, July 12, 2012



I have seen the stars at night
In a black and velvet sky
I have watched the moonbeams dance
And heard the river sigh.
I have stood in wonder
By the ocean as she heaves
I have splashed in puddles
And kicked through autumn leaves.

I have felt the love of family
Of  friends who care so much,
Who reach out to me in kindness
With loving tender touch.
I have faced my own mortality
With icy chill and fears,
And held the hand of someone
Who wiped away my tears.

I have faced the morning
When night shadows were all gone,
Made again the promise to myself
That I would steadily go on.
Gentle nursing hands have held me
And catered to my need
A friend's love has held me sway
And I am blessed indeed.

I've walked a stony pathway
With brambles and with thorns,
Dark nights have been upon me
Followed by the dawns.
Yet there is joy within my journey
And my days have been so sweet
For there were stars above me
And petals beneath my feet.

I have been tried and tested
And yet I journey on
With hope and with great courage
To see the battle won.
The joy is in the journey
And happy are my days
And I'm blessed with you beside me
With your sweet and winning ways.

©  Linda J. Vaughan
July 12th. 2012

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