Thursday, July 12, 2012



I used to know each detail,
Each line upon your face.
Now things are so altered ~
A different time and place.

I used to know your mood swings
And just what your voice would say.
I knew first thing every morning
The pattern of that day.

I used to feel your anger,
Your hurt and very great pain.
Now those things are gone
And will not come back again.

I used to know you very well
Although I did not understand,
I tried so hard to help you
When things got out of hand.

Time is moving on for me
And your face I can’t recall.
I cannot trace the scars
Nor hear the heavy footfall.

I cannot hear your voice,
Nor see you struggle and strive
Life is changed and memory different
From the days when you were alive.

I don’t remember your voice,
Your laughter or your smile.
But I remember your tears
As you travelled each troubled mile.

I clearly remember the heartache,
The tears, anxiety and pain.
The sleepless nights and midnight walks
And would never wish them back again.

Your life was troubled,
You were on borrowed time.
This you knew in your heart
And I think I did in mine.

No more messing with your tablets
And drinking yourself to sleep.
No more do I have to stay awake
No more do I silently weep.

Oh yes its true – I miss you
But it comes with great relief.
I am happy to let you go,
But I still struggle with my grief.

Your passing was very sudden
We were talking on the phone
No more voice, no more anger ~
Incredibly you were gone.

No time to say Goodbye,
No time for regrets it’s true.
It’s just as well really
What would I have said to you?

I had made a promise to you
To be there to the very end.
Mine was the last voice you heard
I really was there my friend.

When I hear the ocean  lapping
As it beats upon the shore,
I am glad to have set you free
You are in pain no more.

The pain now belongs to me
And I shall work it through.
I find my greatest comfort
Knowing it’s all over for you.

© Linda J Vaughan

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