Thursday, July 12, 2012



Today I have been thinking
On this cold grey winter day,
I have a strong memory of you
Which will not go away.

It was a crisp and cold autumn morning
You took me to the train,
We parted with smiles and laughter ~
I never saw you again

At the Station Café we had hot chocolate,
You bought me a magazine.
So much has happened since that day
So much that might have been.

You ran beside the steam train
As it started upon its way.
I can still see the mist of that morning
I still remember the day.

You called out to me to enjoy myself
As I continued on my way,
You told me you would be home soon
I looked the other way.

You looked so well and healthy ~
How much our looks can deceive
I wanted so hard to accept it all
I wanted to believe.

You never came home at all ~
A phone call told me you were gone,
That my life was changed forever
And that I must carry on.

You took another journey
Your anguish and pain now done.
I said Goodbye at the Funeral Home
And carried on alone.

The family were all there to support me
And I felt their dreadful pain.
The mist began to gather ~
Cold winds and showers of rain.

The months moved on
And nos it's been ten years,
I wept so very often ~
Such salty bitter/sweet tears.

I only wept – I never let go ~
No bitter tears I shed
I held close to the memory
My thoughts within my head.

Your time had come, it was right for you
Your agony now spent.
I missed you then and I miss you now
I remember the day you went.

No time to say Goodbye ~
We were talking on the phone.
Such deep and dreadful silence
And you were taken Home.

I had promised to be there to the end
And to show you that I cared.
It seems quite right and it comforts me
That mine was the last voice you heard.

© Linda J. Vaughan

10 years 12th. July 

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