Monday, December 31, 2012



The days and weeks have moved so fast
It’s hard to believe the year has flown.
But looking back over all the days
I see how much I have grown.

I have learned to trust
And find joy in simple things
Learned to laugh and dance
And enjoy the pleasure it brings.

As I sit and contemplate
There are many things that I want to do.
I want to find delight in all that I can
And these are my wishes for you.

I wish for you the joy of living
And the smallest things around.
Flowers from a garden small,
Held in a chubby childish hand.

Splashing in puddles with one you love
The joy when the telephone rings.
And when you can share with one
The pleasure their company brings.

There are so many things that I wish for you
So much that I want to share.
I want you to know that I value you
And to know how much I care.

Cherish the times with those you love
Be sure to store memory away.
Take time for yourself and learn to grow
Take time on every day.

The path will not always be easy and clear
But with faith it can be walked.
Always I am here to listen and to say
 “I am really glad we talked.”

At the end of each day look back
And take some time set apart,
To reflect and to listen to
The musings of your heart.

Happiness, contentment and tenderness
Are some of my wishes for you.
I want you to feel special
And take pride in all you do.

I wish you love and laughter
Quiet walks along the shoreline,
I wish you health and happiness
And everything that’s fine.

I wish you warmth in winter
A fire to keep you warm
A long cold drink and shady place
Shelter from a summer storm.

I wish you peace and plenty ~
A table fully spread
A soft and downy pillow
Where you can lay your head.

Go confidently into this New Year
And hold your head up high
You may not be able to do everything,
But at least I know you will try.

Happy New Year my friend
And Blessings from above
Accept the gift of friendship
Tied with ribbons of love.

© Linda J. Vaughan
December 31st 2012

1 comment:

Joyce Goodstein said...

Heart warming and lovely, Linda...from the heart it is evident...and so filled with love.

Thank you for sharing. Happy New Year with love.

All the best...joyce